Arriving by land, air and water

The freight transport system is part of the socioeconomic traffic system. It encompasses all processes, activities and means used within an economic area to ship goods. Freight transport is distributed here among the elements of ground, air and water according to which the deployed means of transport can also be categorized.

The structure of a freight transport system

The freight transport system can be broken down into the means used to perform shipments. This begins by distinguishing between ground transport, air transport and water transport.
The means of transport in use can also be classified by various criteria - e.g., by organizational criteria between road haulage and private transport. Differences can also be made according to technical criteria that distinguish between motor shipping and towing or by types of transported goods that distinguish between pipelines for crude oil and refined products.
As the accompanying article “Freight transport in comparison” shows, the operational capabilities of the specific means of transport vary considerably.
With combined transport Combined transport , one can productively combine the strengths of various means of transport and simplify loading procedures required for the shipment.

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